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ICHS International Community High School

After school help

These programs are led by teachers who meet with groups of students after school Monday through Thursday from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Students must complete a parental consent form before attending these after school help sessions. Each interdisciplinary team at ICHS offers this after-school help for their students. Teachers will provide their students with a schedule for this after school support. This support usually begins in November.

Student government

The mission of this club is to demonstrate that student voice is important.  The Student Government is composed of two students from every class in order to represent their class population.  In this club, students discuss school issues, develop possible solutions, and make a plan to propose and implement these plans at a monthly meeting with teachers.

This club meets on Wednesdays. Membership is contingent upon nominations from classmates and verification by teachers.

ICHS International Community High School
ICHS International Community High School

yearbook club

The Yearbook Club allows students to develop creativity and teamwork by taking pictures and planning out the ICHS yearbook. Creating collages using pictures, creativity, and teamwork is the main part of being part of the Yearbook Club. The efforts of the club members give all graduating students a memento by which to remember their time at International Community High School. This club meets weekly and is open exclusively to 12th grade students.

gay-straight alliance (GSA) Club

The GSA is a club that unite LGBTQ+ and allies to build community and organize around issues that impact LGBTQ+ in their schools and communities. Club members unite to have discussions, ask questions, and watch media related to LGBTQ+ topics.

The club meets weekly during the school year. Reach out to Mr. Nine or Ms. DiLauro for more details.

ICHS International Community High School
ICHS International Community High School

dream team immigration club

Want to know more about immigration issues? Have questions about post-secondary options for immigrants? Want to educate students at our school and participate in the immigrant community? Students who are interested in these questions, getting involved at the school, or other immigration topics should join the club.

The club meets weekly during the school year. Reach out to Mr. Martin or Ms. Torres for more details.




Are you interested in performing original poetry, songs, and rap lyrics? We plan open mic events at school for performers and organize trips to feed our creativity. 

Members of this club meet regularly during the school year. Field trips are also organized regularly to watch performances or to perform in front of an audience. Interested students should reach out to Ms. Beniquez.

ICHS International Community High School
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