Afterschool and Extracurriculars

Afterschool Help Programs

These programs are led by teachers who meet with groups of students afterschool Mondays through Thursdays, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Regular afterschool support begins in November. Students must complete a parental consent form before attending these sessions.

Each interdisciplinary team at ICHS offers this after-school help for their students. Interdisciplinary teams will provide their own afterschool schedule to their students.

For any further questions, please reach out to teachers teams.

Social Media Association

The Social Media Association at ICHS began in 2017. Its original purpose was to create an updated version of the school website that would replace the years-old one. This has been an initiative driven by students who saw the benefit of this endeavor and were determined to make it happen. Their hard work and dedication are what began this new website and what continues to maintain and innovate it today. 

This association meets on Mondays. Membership is restricted upon the decisions of the existing members.

A Truly International Community

Student Government

Student Government began in February of 2016.  The mission of this club is to demonstrate that the voice of the students matters.  The Student Government is composed by two students from every class in order to represent their class population.  In this club we discuss about the issues of the school and we come up with possible solutions, so we can propose them to teachers and staff at a monthly meeting.

This club meets on Wednesdays. Membership is contingent upon nominations from classmates and verification by teachers.



The Yearbook Club is a club where students can develop creativity and teamwork by creating and taking picture for the ICHS yearbook. Making collages using their pictures, spreading all their creativity in design, and showing their teamwork by cooperating and participating in the creation of content. All those efforts will be worth it because it will give all those graduating students enjoy the yearbook and have a memento by which to remember their time at ICHS.

This club meets on Tuesdays. Membership is open only to 12th graders.

YUCA Arts Silk-Screening 


The YUCA (Youth Urban Christians and Artists) program helps develop students' artistic skills.

Students spend this time learning different silk-screening techniques for clothing and ways to market their designs in order to enable youth to be entrepreneurial. The lessons are a combination of artistic and marketing techniques.

This association meets on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Membership is restricted upon a written application screening process.

Morgan Library Book Project​ Club

The Morgan Book Project is a free program, in which the Morgan Library collaborates with New York City public school teachers to develop a unit of study designed to engage students in writing, illustrating, and building a book. The Morgan Book Project Award is the program's culminating event.

This program meets on weekly. Membership is open to students who meet the criteria of participating teachers.

German Club

The German Club is a club whose objective is to learn a new foreign language: German.  This club is run by Ms. Irmgard Kuhn. This club is accessible for all students in the school. In the club you will learn German in many different ways, such as Rosetta Stone, German movies, classwork, and in others ways. Field trips are also planned to learn and engage with the German language and culture. 

This club meets on Wednesdays. Membership is contingent on interest and members need only attend every session and practice at home.

Multimedia Club

Students meet with an outside organization in order to develop photography and other digital media.

This association meets on once a week. Membership requires an application process.


Greetings ICHS Students!

Have an idea for a new club or activity? Talk to a student government representative or one of your teachers to help organize the creation of a new extracurricular club or activity. 

Share your passions, interests, and hobbies with other students!