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International Community High School is anticipating openings for dedicated, energetic  and collaborative teachers looking to further their professional careers with our recently arrived immigrant teens. 

WHO WE ARE: ICHS, located in the South Bronx, is dedicated exclusively to educating Multilingual Learners representing over 30 different countries, diverse language backgrounds, and a range of past schooling experiences. Our languages are Spanish, French, Arabic, Bangla, Garifuna, Fulani, Wolof, Soninke, and many more.

We Are Seeking Candidates in:


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What We Do

Our model is teaching English through interdisciplinary and culturally responsive curriculum in heterogenous groupings. Our approach is student-centered, project-based, and driven by mastery-based outcomes. Additionally, teachers are social-emotional supports and advocates for our students, particularly through CREW (advisory).

international network for public school

How we Support Our Students

We are members of the Internationals Network for Public Schools (INPS), NY Performance Standards Consortium, and the Mastery Collaborative. These organizations provide professional development, curriculum, and a network of thinking partners devoted to our mission.

Interested Applicants Should be Able to:

In Class

  • Translanguaging

  • Intentional grouping

  • Performance-Based Assessment Tasks (PBATs)

  • Bridges course for SIFE

Beyond Class

  • Post Secondary Readiness

  • Coaching (mentoring for teachers)

  • Partnership with community organizations (such as NYPL, L.O.V.E. Mentoring, C.U.P., Brain Power, Magic Box, Behind the Book, Bronx Arts)

  • Collaborating with Counselors (Single Shepherds)

  • Extracurricular sports and clubs

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