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CUNY career paths ICHS International Com

certificate & associate's programs at cuny

CUNY offers career opportunities for students whose career goals do not require 4 years of university studies. We encourage students to enroll in the post-secondary program that best supports their career goals. 

ICHS students receive supports in their CREW classes to make decisions about their life after high school. Students may also use the resources below to help with their future planning.

Students who are unsure of their possible career fields are encouraged to speak to their CREW leaders, the ICHS College Office, or trusted teachers. They may also take this survey to help them get started on possible career paths.

descriptions of post-secondary programs

ichs webinar discussing career options after high school

presentations about career options after high school:

certificate programs

ICHS International Community High School
  • Specialized education and training
  • Relatively short term (3 to 9 months)
  • Relatively low in cost
  • Higher rates of completion compared to higher degree programs
  • Students can dive right into their desired area of focus 
  • Available at trade schools but many CUNY schools offer programs for students

associate's degree programs

ICHS International Community High School
  • A degree received after completing two-year program of study (or equivalent)
  • Students may begin working after earning degree or transfer to a 4-year university after receiving degree
  • There are 4 types of Associate's Degrees: AA (Associate of Arts), AS (Associate of Science), AAA (Associate of Applied Arts), and AAS (Associate of Applied Science).

bachelor's degree programs

ICHS International Community High School
  • Sometimes referred to generally as a "college degree"
  • Students receive this degree after earning required number of credits (usually after completing about 40 college courses)
  • Usually earned in 4 years, but can take longer or shorter depending on student
  • Some major types of this degree include: BA (Bachelor of Arts), BS (Bachelor of Science), and BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts).

research careers and career fields

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