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International Community High School offers support for students interested in going to college or university. One of the most important aspects of this important decision is the cost of attending a post-secondary institution.

Due to this, students are introduced to different types of financial aid in their classes via CREW or through presentations throughout the school year in their core classes. For one-to-one support regarding specific financial aid methods, students are encouraged to speak to a member of the College Office at ICHS.

The following are resources that students can use to help them in their journey after high school. We are aware that career paths can be expensive, but there are many different ways to pay for college or university that can make the cost manageable. 

What is financial aid?

ichs Financial Aid webinar

major types of financial aid

  • grants

  • scholarships

  • work-study

  • federal loans

financial aid presentation

Fafsa: the way most ichs students receive financial aid for college

things you need to complete the fafsa

  • fsa id

  • social security number

  • driver's license number

  • recent tax records

  • records of untaxed income

  • records of your assets (money)

  • college list

ichs students!
consult the college office before submitting your final fafsa application!

use these links or apps to help you search for scholarships:

are you an undocumented student? use these financial aid resources:

NY state dream act 3 ICHS International

The NY State DREAM Act should be the first step for undocumented students searching for financial aid. The application process is similar to the FAFSA application but it uses New York state funds to support students. Consult the ICHS College Office to start this application.

dreamer's roadmap ICHS International Com

Dreamers Roadmap is an app that helps undocumented students find scholarships to go to college. The app provides details, reward amount, and due date for scholarships posted. Download this app to your phone to begin tracking scholarships.

maldef logo ICHS International Community

MALDEF offers a Scholarship Resource Guide for high school, college, and graduate students. The MALDEF Scholarship Resource Guide is a free, informative resource guide for students, parents, and educators with an extensive list of scholarships, including many that do not inquire about immigration status.

my undocumented life 1 ICHS Internationa

The "My Undocumented Life" resource blog provides many resources connected to the lives of undocumented people, including politics, health, testimonials, and student life. This website also regularly updates a list of scholarships that are specifically available for undocumented students. Explore this resource blog for financial aid and more.

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