Girls' Volleyball at ICHS

A Truly International Community

‘‘For us, the volleyball team, is a community and a family because we trust each other. We work as one. If someone loses, everybody loses. If someone wins, everybody wins. That is the reason why volleyball is very significant for us. United we all can.’’

-  Smeritte Colón, November 2017.

Volleyball has been at ICHS since 2012. This sport is headed by Daniel Nieves, the coach, with the help of Stanley Hernández, assistant coach. The Volleyball team has won three consecutive championships (2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18). This team is composed of ten female players, a secretary, and four managers, which are:

Who and how can I join in this sport?


The only people who can join the Volleyball Team are female students from ICHS. The student can join the team by letting the captain know or speaking with Nieves (the coach). It is only played during the winter season.