There is a new grading policy for ichs students due to the effect of the pandemic.

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Grades and Jumprope


ICHS students receive grades based on the mastery system. In a mastery-based learning environment, students progress by demonstrating independent mastery of learning objectives or outcomes. Here are some examples of results in a student's core classes:


- English: the student can write a MEAL paragraph.

- Science: the student can create a graph using TAILS.

- History: the student can analyze historical documents.

- Mathematics: the student can solve a system of equations.


These are the possible grades that a student can obtain in his classes for the results in each subject:


- Needs revision

- Competent

- Good

- Outstanding


To receive one semester credit, a student must earn at least a Competent. This is a score of 65 or higher on your report card. Students who receive less than 65 will receive a NU and must earn this credit within 2 semesters.


Students and parents can check a student's progress using Jumprope, the website, and the app that ICHS teachers use to record information such as grades, attendance, and feedback on student behavior.


Click the links below to view information using Jumprope and for additional instructions.


You will need the student's ICHS email (@ and the student ID number to log in.

How to Use Jumprope in Multiple Languages