A Truly International Community

Math Wizard Tournament at ICHS

by Samantha Barrera, Class of 2019

The Math Wizard took place on February 10th in International Community High School at the auditorium. This was a competition where students from 9th to 12th grade can challenge themselves and prove their math skills. The wizard was in two sections: pairs and individual.


The students arrived in the morning to take the individual test and in the afternoon started the competition in pairs. During the individual tests, the students were divided into two rooms. In one room they put 9th and 11th grade and in the other 10th and 12th grade. After the individual test, the school brought food and drinks to the students before the team competition. They take the time for relax and communicate with their partner to determine what they were good at and what they were not good at. After the break, the students were led to the auditorium for the last competition.


The teachers waited a moment to let all students into the room to have each group in the room. After a few minutes , the Math Wizard Tournament started. The 9th and 10th grade students went first, the pair comprised of one 9th grade student and one 10th grade student. After the 9th and 10th grade students finished, the 11th and 12th grade students followed.


During the last part of the competition, the stage was formed by tables and a smartboard, with the question projected on the screen while the groups worked out the answer on paper. The group placed their answer on a whiteboard that the school provided and showed their responses.


There were two rounds: the groups with five or more points proceeded to the second round. In the second round, the first, second, and third places were awarded to the final winners. At the end of the tournament, prizes were awarded, with participants receiving medals, calculators, and gift cards.

Here is a full list of the participants of the Math Wizard Tournament:

9th Grade

Ribaldy Dela Rosa

Sindy Garcia

Anadely Hernandez

Erileidy Inoa

Waldyn Payamps

Edward Pena

Fatima Radji

Sharif Salami

Mahmoud Zaghloul

Cho Zin

11th Grade

Samantha Barrera

Mohamadou Diallo

Ambar Guerrero

Fatima Binetou Gueye

Leittsha Moreira

Katherine Pichardo

Yessica Pichardo

Kimberly Polaco

Arafath Radji

Perla Ruiz

10th Grade

MD Shihab Akonda

Nassaratou Alasanne

Abdoullahi Bah

Henry Camilo

Naomi Castillo

Siromin Daourou

Harol Esteves

Mahim Rahman

Nadia Ripa

Mohamed Wague

12th Grade

Khadiza Akhter

Kevin Castellar

Mor Cisse

Smeritte Colon

Serigne Diaw

Manissan Kone

Joel Ferreiras

Semiramis Rodriguez Marte

Jose Martin

Aboubak Soumare