• ICHS Staff

Immigration Services for Families

International Community High School serves a population of students and families that are recent arrivals to the United States. The school and staff do all that they can to help them with their academic and socio-emotional needs. For some of our school's population, this means providing support to students with questions or concerns connected to immigration status. In the current political climate, it is especially important to assure our students and families that ICHS is committed to supporting and protecting those among our student population that are the most vulnerable and in greatest need.

Students or families that have questions or concerns regarding immigration status are welcome to address these issues with the counseling staff at the school. ICHS has contacts with local organizations that specialize in helping immigrant families.

Here are links to local organizations that can answer questions and address concerns about immigration status. Many of them offer free or low-cost consultations that simply require scheduling a meeting with their offices: