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remote learning expectations

Whether your student participates in hybrid learning or your family chooses 100% remote learning, your child is expected to complete all assignments provided by the teacher. At the same time, we recognize that working independently at home is different and challenging for many students, so we want to provide flexibility. Below are some key characteristics to keep in mind and reference regarding school expectations during remote learning.

KEY ELEMENTS of remote learning expectations

Google classroom

Students and families should check Google Classroom daily for important updates from their teachers. Students should download the app so that they may receive notifications whenever an assignment is posted. Teachers will provide the class codes for students via email, the school's messaging system, or during the initial remote lessons. Click on this link for more information about Google Classroom. Each team will hold a virtual workshop for parents to showcase and explain how to use Google Classroom.

remote instruction

During 100% distance learning, your teacher may conduct live classes via Google Hangouts or Zoom. Check Google Classroom and your ICHS emails for invitations to join these live classes. Click on this link for more information about virtual classes at ICHS. Each team will hold a virtual workshop for parents to showcase and explain how to use Zoom or Google Hangouts and explain expectations during virtual classes.


remote learning

When signing in for virtual classes or meetings, students are expected to be on time, appropriately dressed, and ready to engage in the classroom. Students should try to reduce background noise and distractions as much as possible during the virtual lessons. 

staff directory ICHS International Commu

Students and families may use this staff directory to find contact information for teachers on each team. Students should reach out in case they need assistance during remote learning. Families may reach out to staff for general questions regarding academics or COVID concerns.

grading policy ICHS International Commun

ICHS has updated their grading policy since last year. Although the grading scale remains mastery-based, it has been modified to be more flexible for students and families who are facing the difficulties of the COVID pandemic. Click on this link to learn more about the grading policy.


need tech support ICHS International Com

Students who need  technology support during remote learning should begin by reaching out to school staff regarding these problems. Teachers may offer assistance with difficulties connected to educational apps. If families have issues with technology (such as the DOE tablet or a school computer), or if a student is in need of technology, they should reach out to Mr. Hugo at: 347-522-0900.