Student Government

A Truly International Community

The Student Government is a club run by Mr. Alhassan Susso. We started this project in February 2016. The mission of this club is to demonstrate that the voice of the students matters. The Student Government is composed of two students from each class which represents their classes. In this club, students discuss the issues of the school and come up with possible solutions, so they can propose them to teachers and staff in monthly meetings. Also, events are planned for the entire school year. In the Student Government we have student roles, such as:

President - Kiefer Rosado
Vice President - Carlos López
Secretary - Luz Naovy 

Treasurer - still not elected

The rest of the students are representatives of their respective class.
The position of president can only be held by a 12th grader. The position of vice president can only be held by an 11th grader. The secretary and treasurer can be from any grade level.

*Each student has the same rights and each vote carries equal weight.