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Frustrated student with technology Inter

Technology support

The staff and teachers at ICHS understand that these are challenging times for our students. Remote learning affects our families in a variety of different ways. If you are a family that is struggling with technology problems, please use this webpage to help you. You may also reach out to one of our technology support staff:

having problems with the internet?

reconnect your i-pad to the internet

Watch this video to help you reconnect to the internet on your DOE I-Pad. The video demonstrates how to use the airplane mode to fix the internet and also explains how to reset the I-Pad if the airplane method does not work.

request an i-pad from the dept of education

request an i-pad from doe International

Click on this link to request an I-Pad from the Department of Education. You should do this if you need technology for your student or if you need access to internet.

list of low-cost internet providers

low cost internet list International Com

Review this list of low-cost internet providers. There are some choices around NYC that can provide your family with internet for less than $20 each month.

Technical support from the nyc doe

nyc doe International Community High Sch

Visit this page for supports and strategies from the NYC Department of Education.

connect your student accounts

how to connect to your doe student account

Watch this video to understand how to connect to your Department of Education student account. This account is important to be able to review your final grades, view transcripts, and have access to helpful apps such as Zoom.

How to connect your ichs gmail to your phone

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to connect your ICHS gmail to your smartphone. This will allow you to receive emails with important information such as Zoom links, and it will allow you to connect to educational apps such as Google Classroom.

how to join your google classrooms

Watch this video to understand how to connect to Google Classroom on your phone. However, this process also works for signing up on a tablet or laptop.

technical tools for learning from the doe

nyc doe gray International Community Hig

This link directs you to the technical tools page of the Department of Education. Here you can find information on TeachHub, DOE Student Accounts, Technical Support for Families, and much more.

support for zoom conferencing

How to connect to zoom using your doe student account

This video shows you how to log in to Zoom using your DOE student account. You must know how to log in to your email before you can log in to Zoom this way. If you need instructions on how to log in to your DOE student account, click here.

How to split the screen on an i-pad to play kahoot during a zoom meeting

This video shows you how to split the screen while using an I-Pad. This is helpful when a teacher plays Kahoot with the class during a Zoom classroom meeting. It can also help when you are in a Zoom meeting and need to use an app, such as Google Classroom, during the meeting.

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