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In a mastery-based learning environment, students progress by demonstrating independent mastery of learning goals, or outcomes. Goals are transparent from the start. Feedback focuses on crucial next steps to achieve and deepen mastery of skills and content over time. We believe that mastery is a better way to do school. ​


The Competency Collaborative  consists of 40+ public middle and high schools across New York City. There are three levels of membership - Living Lab, Active Member, and Mastery Incubator. ​


International Community High School is an Active Member of the Mastery Collaborative network of schools. Mastery Collaborative Active Membership is designed for schools who are piloting or implementing a mastery system schoolwide or in at least one grade or one department. Active membership schools:

  • participate regularly in visits and sharing of ideas, practices, processes, and resources.

  • design and implement goals that provide innovative solutions/improvements to aspects of your existing mastery system/practices

  • receive 2-3 formal check-ins and other ad hoc support from the MC program team

  • have access to/contribute to a library of shared community resources (rubrics, curriculum units, frameworks, grading systems, and the like)

Here are some key differences between "traditional" schools and mastery-based schools:

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Competency Collaborative - 5 key power s

A New Kind of Classroom

No grades, No failing, No Hurry

Teaching Activities

Teaching Activities for a "New Kind of Classroom: No grades, No failing, No Hurry"

Catalyzing Mastery-Base Learning

NYC's Mastery Collaborative

Flushing International's Three Learning Outcome

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