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A Truly International Community

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Rosabel Farias

Class of 2018

Guttman Community College

      In ICHS, they make you feel like home, with students that are similar to you. They are recent arrivals from other countries, without English skills but are focused on the same goals as you...

Kiefer Rosado

Class of 2018

Lehman College

They (ICHS) are preparing you so you can create a project that is at a university level. When I went to university, in many ways, I felt very prepared... 

Nestor Ortiz

Class of 2018

Lehman College

    Something I really liked while I was going there (ICHS) was just the teachers, in general. Teachers that helped me so much when I first started high school...

ICHS Alumni Share Their Experiences

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A Vibrant



International Community High School lives up to its namesake in many ways. Through its various sports programs, after school clubs , community partnerships, and actively committed teachers, students feel like they are  part of a vibrant community. The fact that so many of our teachers and staff are dedicated to building a welcoming environment  in and out of their classrooms demonstrates why ICHS is a caring environment for students.

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International Community High School aims to provide a quality education for a diverse population of recently arrived immigrants that will allow them to develop linguistic, cognitive, and cultural skills necessary for success in high school, college and beyond. Within our diverse community, fluency in a language other than English is an asset that is celebrated.

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Preparing for Life After High School

Students at International Community High School receive post-secondary preparation from 9th through 12th grade. Counselors and teachers guide them through the multitude of information about colleges and careers. Students receive help in making the best decisions for their lives after high school.