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Career Exploration cover page ICHS International Community High School Bronx ELLs English

Learn About Different Careers

International Community High School has been expanding its exposure to different career options for our students. Even during the pandemic, the school invited different professionals to share their career experiences with students. The goal is to ensure that ICHS students have a greater knowledge of different career choices so that they can make informed post-secondary career choices.

Career Week 2021 Speakers

Audrey Raphael,

In this Zoom workshop, students learned about the legal system and about some common duties of a lawyer. They learned about what skills they need to develop, education requirements, and the variety of different legal careers available.

Eulogio Castro,
Video Game Development

In this Zoom workshop, students learned about different types of careers and roles that they can have in the video game development field. Students learned what a game developer does, some examples of game development, and tools that students can already access for game development.

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